Friday, June 28, 2013

Style Trend - Accessories From IMSMI Style

WOWIE! I'm obsessed with these watches and this website -

I've never ordered from them before but they seem pretty reasonable (these striped watches are only $29 each) and it's different from the things you can find at Charming Charlie which is usually my go-to for accessories.

Wishing bird necklace
Spike bangle bracelet
Arrow bracelet

Once I finally decide what to order, I'll keep you posted on the quality and everything once I get it in the mail!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Style Trend - Tanks

How great are these summer tanks!? =] I’m a huge fan of loose fitting crop tops for summer. Pair them with some skinnies for a cute casual look or my favorite is with a pair of cutoff jean shorts for a day at the lake or the beach. Available at Nordstrom Rack for $17.95!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coconut Oil Hair Growth Treatment

Since my hair was tragically chopped off without warning in March =[ I’ve been looking high and low for ways to quickly grow my hair back out. For my blonde girls out there you know how hard it can be to get your hair to grow as we’re constantly damaging it with bleach, color, etc. Aside from consistently getting trims, which I completely hate, conditioning treatments are essential.

This coconut oil/egg conditioning treatment is amazing if you’re trying to grow your hair out or your hair is desperately needing some moisture. Coconut oil will condition your hair, smoothing out frizz and adding moisture to dry hair and the egg contains tons of protein and vitamin D to promote hair growth. =]

Whip up this quick conditioning treatment once a week and there will be significant  growth and smoothness to your beautiful locks.


Whisk the coconut oil and eggs together until combined Massage into dry hair until completely covered and saturated. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it on for at least 30 minutes, but if you have more time – leave it on!

Rinse out with warm water, avoid shampooing if possible but if it’s more oily than you prefer rinse with a gentle shampoo.

I lost almost 9 inches off my hair in March – since I started using this treatment my hair is halfway back to it’s original length. Woot Woot! =D

Friday, June 7, 2013

Perfect Brows Tutorial

Look Polished Not Painted On

You'll need: 

Brow pencil - one shade lighter than your brows
Brow Powder - same shade as your brows
Angled Brush
Brow Comb
Clear Brow Gel

Pluck and visible strays and brush brows downward.

1. Choose a brow pencil one shade lighter, lightly sketch from the top of the arch to the the tail - photo

2. Use a brow brush/comb to brush the hairs up (it will hide the line you just made) using the brow pencil you just used, sketch from the inner corner of your brow to the tail, connecting the to the top line. (Your top inner corners will be left bare for a more natural look)

3. Dip an angled brush into brow powder (color should match your brow hairs) in a sweeping motion across your entire brow. This step fills any gaps in a soft, natural looking way.

4. Grab your brow brush/comb again and brush in an up and out motion to remove any excess powder. Finish and set your brows with a clear brow gel. 

I love the Smashbox Brow Tech powder in Blonde. What's your favorite brow kit? 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Osis+ DUST IT Product Review

Transform your flat dull hair with this pliable texturizing powder! 

Voluptuous, full hair is in but very few people have naturally fluffy and full locks. My hairstylist, Erin recommended this texturing powder when I was recently complaining about how tired I was of teasing my hair. I was really skeptical because I haven’t found a product other than hairspray to make my hair as big and fluffy as I like. Anyways – the powder is a million times faster than going through the tedious process of blow drying, teasing, hairspray and blow dry. You lift up pieces of your hair and tap a little bit of powder on the roots and use your fingers to rub it in and fluff.

The only downside I see in this product is that I have to fluff my hair at the roots throughout the day instead of doing my usual tease, spray and blow dry where I don’t have to touch it and it stays big all day. Could have something to do with my hair type, I’ve got thick heavy hair that weighs itself down. I’d assume that if you have finer hair it would work wonders for every occasion. But I definitely love this product for when I’m on the go and don’t have time to run through the whole process.

My bottle was $14 and it will definitely last for a longgg time, it doesn’t take much to get the right look.
What are your favorite styling products for volume and texture?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Custom Hair Color - No Experience Required

This is brilliant! A new hair care company eSalon provides a personalized pigment hair color for home use. I know it sounds crazy (I've always been the balsy one to do my own hair and experiment at home) but trust me! They've already been mentioned in InStyle Magazine, Lucky Magazine and Good housekeeping.

They'll custom blend a color (based on a series of questions yoy answer about your hair) for you using salon-grade ingredients so your hair stays healthy and shiny and get you connected with a professional colorist for guidance. 

The custom kit includes your personalized color, professional coloring brush, gloves, stain guard, stain remover, shampoo and conditioner. New customers get your first custom color kit for half off at $9.95 (plus $4.95 s&h).